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Agave Azul, May 21 & May 28, 2011 May 21, 2011

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I’ve been looking for literally years for a Mexican restaurant in the Orlando area that meets my criteria: salsa with cilantro in it and white cheese, not that shredded yellow Kraft Mexican blend.  And, finally, the search is over!  Agave Azul is a bit more upscale, and thus a bit pricier, than what I had in mind (Monterrey in Charlotte and Mi Mexico in New Smyrna Beach are my standards), but the food here is also a bit more creative than standard Mexican restaurant fare.

Agave Azul’s decor is delightful, a lovely blend of shimmering blue tiles, water walls, and silver panels. 

We began our lunch with the queso dip, for $3.99. 

It did not disappoint- the queso was lovely, goopy, melty, and white.   The complimentary chips came with a Mexican ranch dip, which we didn’t particularly care for, and a salsa, which I liked because it had cilantro in it.

My husband had the Chimichanga Cozumel for $9.50, a large, fried tortilla stuffed with grilled shrimp, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more of that glorious white cheese.  My husband’s dish was supposed to come with a side of rice, steamed broccoli, and cauliflower, but he knew that he wouldn’t eat these, so he asked them to hold the sides.

The taste was excellent, though, due to the nature of the cheese, it was a bit salty, not overpoweringly so, but definitely well-seasoned.

I usually choose the taco salad, which is another make-or-break for me when I’m eating at a Mexican restaurant, but this time I elected the Quesadilla Veracruz for $9.50, a large flour tortilla stuffed with flavorful grilled shrimp, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and – you guessed it – white cheese.  I enjoyed this very much.  My dish came with sides of sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and Mexican rice.  The rice was mushy and lacked flavor, but I’m not usually a fan of Mexican rice, so that was to be expected.

We returned the following weekend (hence the two dates in the title), and I ordered the Chimichanga Cozumel, and my husband had the Burrito Acapulco. It was virtually identical to the chimichanga, except that it wasn’t fried and was filled with peppers, onions, and grilled shrimp (no mushrooms).

As before, he requested that they hold the sides, hence the somewhat spartan appearance of this dish.

Service was friendly and moderately prompt, and the restrooms were spotless and beautiful, with granite tiles on the walls and full-length doors on the stalls. 

The total bill, which included two Cokes and a $6 tip, came to $35.95.  A bit pricier than what we’d have liked, but definitely worth it for a good experience.  I’m glad I’ve found my Mexican restaurant standby in Orlando finally!