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Dee Dee’s Conch and Rib Shack in Delray Beach, FL February 25, 2011

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We stumbled upon Dee Dee’s Conch and Rib Shack last weekend, and it was exactly the type of place we were looking for.  Modest in appearance, Dee Dee’s is not for those who are looking for a romantic dinner venue.  If what you seek, though, is simple, flavorful Bahamian food served in generous portions for a reasonable price, then welcome to Dee Dee’s!  
My husband ordered the crack conch lunch special for $8, and it turned out to be a basket overflowing with fried conch, on top of a stack of “yella fries” with dipping sauce.  The fried conch was tender and flavorful, without being too greasy.
My order was for the fried fish sandwich, which was served on white sandwich bread with mustard and hot sauce (optional).  I opted for the mustard but not for the hot sauce.  The fish was delicious!  It was so well seasoned, and had a lot of flavor, again without the excessive grease.  My order also came with the yella fries and dipping sauce.
Our soft drinks were cans for $1 each, so we had a delicious seafood lunch for two for under $20.  
Dee Dee’s takes credit cards, but bring cash for the tip, since there’s no place to add tip on the credit card slip.  When we ate there, there was one very friendly lady who served as hostess, cashier, and cook.  It’s a tiny place, with simple, delicious food that I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary way in Delray Beach.