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Elle’s Deli, September 5, 2011 September 17, 2011

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This restaurant is listed on Trip Advisor as Eli’s Deli, and I have NO IDEA WHY!  All of the signage says “Elle’s Deli,” so this is going to remain a mystery to me.

This is a very casual place, affordable by Bonaire standards, with sandwiches generally ranging from $10-14.  The interior of the restaurant was quite hot, so we took a table outside which was shaded with a nice breeze.

I ordered the goat cheese, nuts, and honey sandwich on a whole-grain baguette.

This was very nice and light, not too filling, since I didn’t eat the whole sandwich, which was enormous!  The goat cheese was fluffy and creamy, and the honey was just enough to add a subtle sweetness, without being overpowering.  The sliced almonds added a nice crunch and texture.  On a side note, I told the lady behind the counter that I’d like “a soda,” thinking that I’d go get a canned soda, but not wanting to decide exactly which one yet since I hadn’t seen them.  When I went to the case, I chose a root beer, but she pointed out to me that this wasn’t soda water.  I tried explaining that “soda” is generic in the US for “pop” or even “Coke,” but it was a funny language confusion moment.

My husband ordered the tuna melt, also on a whole wheat baguette.

He liked the bread a lot; sometimes baguettes are so hard that they can cut the inside of the mouth, but this one was soft.  The tuna salad was good, not outstanding, but good.  It was a nice, light meal in the midst of a lot of diving.  His drink was a Bitter Lemon, which I liked the taste of very much, but which was too acidic for me to drink since we would be diving again that afternoon.


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