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Boudoir Food & Drinks, September 8, 2011 September 17, 2011

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This place is located right in downtown Kralendjik, on Kaya Grandi.  Having done so much diving over the  past few days, I was ready for something fairly mild and refreshing, not too heavy or acidic, and we found that at Boudoir.  I would definitely go back here for lunch; it was a nice, relaxing interlude in the midst of 6 days of hardcore diving.

I ordered the tuna salad sandwich, which was so refreshing and light!  There were bits of Granny Smith apple mixed in with the tuna salad, which added a nice crunch and fruitiness to every bite.  I enjoyed this very much, and at $8.95 for the salad, it wasn’t too ungodly expensive for Bonaire.

  The tuna salad was served on a white bagel, though I had the option of having it on a baguette.  I also ordered a side salad, which I didn’t take a photo of, unfortunately.  It was served in a large seashell, and it was probably the best salad I’ve ever had.  The lettuce was very crisp and fresh and cut into small pieces.  The dressing was light, but had an excellent flavor.  This restaurant does simple food very, very well.

My husband ordered the brie cheese sandwich for $8.50.

He chose to have his sandwich on a whole-grain baguette.  He wished that the bacon had been strips, instead of tiny crumbles, since it was such good bacon.  He said that the bread was nice and soft, and the sandwich was very large, so was a good value for the price.  It was simple and nice and, he says, “Just what I needed at that time.”  He also had a side of potato chips for $2.50.

The total price for 2 sandwiches, a bowl of chips, and a side salad was $24.95.  We would definitely go back to Boudoir again.


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