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Yellow Dog Eats, June 12, 2011 June 12, 2011

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We went to see Super 8 at the West Oaks Mall, and then decided to look for a new place to eat.  We’d been meaning to try Yellow Dog Eats for, oh, about three years now, so seized this opportunity of being in the neighborhood.  We got there about 12:45, and the place was PACKED!  So packed that we had to park in the overflow lot across the street. We entered, and were greeted by a friendly but somewhat harassed lady, who was trying to explain how the restaurant worked to a group of people packed into the entryway. Apparently we were supposed to grab a menu, order, and grab a seat. We decided to change the order of events somewhat, seeing how packed the place was, and grabbed menus, then went to look for seats.  We lucked out, in that a couple was leaving right as we were coming in, so we got a seat in the courtyard.  It was literally the ONLY empty table in the restaurant!

After perusing the menu, I decided to order the Kitty Kat, a $9.95 sandwich consisting of “all white albacore tuna salad, distinctive teriyaki marinade, dried cranberries, onions with crisp leaf lettuce, orange-cointreau mayonnaise, sunflower sprouts, and Gouda served on a multigrain bread.” 

This sandwich was AMAZING!  Easily the best tuna salad I’ve ever had, with the orange cointreau mayonnaise and teriyaki marinade adding layer upon layer of flavor to a fairly ordinary dish.  Before we got our food, I was wondering if any tuna salad could be worth $10, and this was!  We were very, very happy campers.

My husband ordered the White Trash, a pulled pork barbeque sandwich served on “Sunbeam white bread topped with spicy coleslaw, Gouda cheese, and bacon” for $9.95. 

The bread largely disintegrated, which he thought was the whole point of it, and the barbeque tasted great.  He wished that it had been pulled a bit better, since there were a few large chunks that were difficult to get through, and thus missed the sauce.  He also thought that the Gouda was too weak to stand up to the boldness of the sauce.  This barbeque sauce was a bright orange sauce, possibly mustard based, since it wasn’t vinegar or tomato-based.  It was sweet, but also pretty spicy, and the coleslaw was also pretty spicy.  He really likes coleslaw with his barbeque, so he enjoyed this very much.  It was  big sandwich and very filling.  The thick, distinctively-flavored bacon was fried to a crisp and so added a very nice crispy texture to the sandwich.

While enjoying our lunch, we were visited by a lovely black cat, who unfortunately had been fed what looked like chocolate cake by another diner, since she upchucked it on the empty seat at our table.  She was a very sweet cat, and we didn’t mind sweeping her mess onto the ground.

While we were finishing up, the owner, Fish Morgan, stopped by our table.  We told him that it was our first visit, and he said that he had something that he wanted us to try.  He went into the kitchen and came back with a thick, decadent slice of chocolate ganache cake, surrounded by four mounds of whipped cream.    He said that even people who didn’t care for chocolate enjoyed this cake, and I can easily believe that.  It was so incredibly luscious, rich, and creamy, that I ate until I thought I would burst!

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at the Yellow Dog Eats very much, and we will definitely return when we’re next in the Ocoee/Gotha area.  Five stars within its category to the Yellow Dog Eats!