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Lazy Days Restaurant March 27, 2011

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March 24, 2011

When seafood is fresh, we don’t feel that it needs a whole lot of dressing to cover its flavor, and this place definitely specializes in “dressed” food.  For example, steamed clams are delicious when they’re simple, plump, and juicy, but Lazy Days clams are either baked with a “hearty garlic” and cheese sauce, or steamed in garlic broth with parsley and cheese.  So this restaurant’s cuisine wasn’t really our style.  Nothing on the menu was calling to me, so I ended up having a bowl of the soup of the day, a shrimp & artichoke bisque ($4.95).  The flavor was very good, though the artichoke was stringy and tough from being too overcooked.   My husband had a cup of conch chowder, which was okay but not as good as Harriette’s conch chowder ($3.95), we thought, and a platter of steamed stone crab claws ($13.95).  The crab claws were very good, one of the few simple dishes we could find on the menu.  Prices here are definitely higher than at some of the other restaurants we tried on our trip.  This restaurant has an excellent location, right on the ocean, so if you don’t mind a wait, request an outside table.


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