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DJ’s Diner March 27, 2011

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March 23, 2011

Another reasonably priced, quality food find.  Service here was very slow, and we were only one of two tables having dinner at the time.  The waitress also kept my credit card, and I had to ask for it back.  I liked that the food was cooked in the open, so we could see that the area was clean.  I had the fish tacos special for $11.95, which turned out to be two fish tacos served with a side (I chose fries – wasn’t diving until tomorrow).  The fish in the tacos was excellent; it was grilled, and was obviously very fresh.  Sometimes fish tacos consist of a mystery white-fleshed fish, hidden by the shell, cabbage, and dressing, but this fish was definitely of an upper quality, though I couldn’t identify it.

My husband’s entree was the blackened hogfish sandwich for $13.99.  In retrospect, he should have requested it grilled, not blackened.  The fish was fresh and moist, but he did find two bones.  Hogfish is a difficult fish to clean, though, so this wasn’t as terrible as if it had been, say, salmon.  We had the smoked fish dip starter for $6.95. It was okay, not great – had more cream cheese than actual fish.  But the portion was plentiful, and it wasn’t terrible, just had no “wow” factor.


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