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Lazy Days Restaurant March 27, 2011

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March 24, 2011

When seafood is fresh, we don’t feel that it needs a whole lot of dressing to cover its flavor, and this place definitely specializes in “dressed” food.  For example, steamed clams are delicious when they’re simple, plump, and juicy, but Lazy Days clams are either baked with a “hearty garlic” and cheese sauce, or steamed in garlic broth with parsley and cheese.  So this restaurant’s cuisine wasn’t really our style.  Nothing on the menu was calling to me, so I ended up having a bowl of the soup of the day, a shrimp & artichoke bisque ($4.95).  The flavor was very good, though the artichoke was stringy and tough from being too overcooked.   My husband had a cup of conch chowder, which was okay but not as good as Harriette’s conch chowder ($3.95), we thought, and a platter of steamed stone crab claws ($13.95).  The crab claws were very good, one of the few simple dishes we could find on the menu.  Prices here are definitely higher than at some of the other restaurants we tried on our trip.  This restaurant has an excellent location, right on the ocean, so if you don’t mind a wait, request an outside table.


DJ’s Diner

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March 23, 2011

Another reasonably priced, quality food find.  Service here was very slow, and we were only one of two tables having dinner at the time.  The waitress also kept my credit card, and I had to ask for it back.  I liked that the food was cooked in the open, so we could see that the area was clean.  I had the fish tacos special for $11.95, which turned out to be two fish tacos served with a side (I chose fries – wasn’t diving until tomorrow).  The fish in the tacos was excellent; it was grilled, and was obviously very fresh.  Sometimes fish tacos consist of a mystery white-fleshed fish, hidden by the shell, cabbage, and dressing, but this fish was definitely of an upper quality, though I couldn’t identify it.

My husband’s entree was the blackened hogfish sandwich for $13.99.  In retrospect, he should have requested it grilled, not blackened.  The fish was fresh and moist, but he did find two bones.  Hogfish is a difficult fish to clean, though, so this wasn’t as terrible as if it had been, say, salmon.  We had the smoked fish dip starter for $6.95. It was okay, not great – had more cream cheese than actual fish.  But the portion was plentiful, and it wasn’t terrible, just had no “wow” factor.


Eco Eats

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March 23, 2011

We really liked this place!  It is a simple sandwich/wraps/shake place, with fresh, sustainable ingredients.  We were diving that afternoon, so wanted something not too greasy.  I had the Capri for $5.95, and it was tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, with balsamic & olive oil drizzled on them, served toasted on whole grain bread.  I liked this very much; it definitely hit the spot.  We’re thinking that we’ll return there tomorrow AFTER diving, since I want the pineapple pina colada shake.  My husband had the Eggwich for $5.95.  It was an egg salad sandwich with sprouts and a dressing that we thought was balsamic vinaigrette, also served on whole wheat bread.  He enjoyed this very much; the egg salad was flavorful and quite good.  It was a counter service place, but the manager kept checking on us, so service here was excellent.

Update: I really wanted their pineapple pina colada smoothie, but, since we were diving, it was not meant to be.  Maybe on our next trip!


Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

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March 22, 2011

This was pretty good, not excellent, but good quality fish. I ordered the grilled dolphin dinner platter, and it was nice, flavorful fish that tasted fresh and was moist. My entree cost $13.99. My husband had the fish sampler trio, which consisted of tuna, mahi, and wahoo.  The mahi and wahoo were perfectly cooked, moist and flavorful like my own entree.  Our server had asked him how wanted the tuna prepared, and he answered, “As rare as they’ll make it.”  Apparently that was well-done; the inside wasn’t even pink.  So the tuna was a disappointment, but the wahoo was excellent.  His trio cost $14.99.  For dessert, we had the key lime pie for $3.95, and it was quite good, but hard to taste since it was served too cold.  The crust was nice and buttery, and I do wish that we could have had the pie served about 10 degrees warmer.  Service was friendly and prompt, so we had a good experience here.  Not great, but good.


Harriette’s Restaurant

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March 24, 2011: Lunch and March 25, 2011: Breakfast

We spotted this restaurant and went to it without having read any reviews.  Turns out that we totally lucked out!  There was a couple eating there who were locals, and they were very friendly, told us they ate here all the time, and strongly recommended that we come back for breakfast the next day.  Apparently the breakfast was voted best breakfast in Key Largo.  For lunch, my husband had a cup of conch chowder, which was excellent, very full of conch and not too overpoweringly tomato-ey in taste.  We both had the conch fritter sandwiches ($11.95), on the recommendation of the couple near us, and these were very good, though oily as fried food is known to be.  They also had a bit more filling than I would have liked, but they were crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, and very flavorful.

For breakfast, my husband had the Atkins Lover #2, which consisted of eggs and various meats for $6.95, while I had the egg & biscuit combo for $2.95.  The biscuits were great: large and fluffy.  We had heard that the muffins, $3.95 each, were outstanding, so he ordered a blueberry muffin and I ordered a key lime muffin.  These definitely lived up to their reputations!  The key lime was delightfully sweet and tart, and the blueberry muffin was light and fluffy.  Service was friendly and prompt, food was good, and price was right – what more could we ask?