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Bocuse d’Or RFPs? October 2, 2008

Filed under: Bocuse d'Or,Lake Buena Vista — hpandaw @ 12:05 pm

From the ‘blog stats, looks like pictures are pretty popular.  Are there any people, food, or atmosphere pictures that people are looking for, in particular?  No guarantee we’d have them, but the ones posted here are just a sample of what we took.  Feel free to leave a request in the Comments and we’ll see if we can accommodate.


3 Responses to “Bocuse d’Or RFPs?”

  1. RB Says:

    Any plans to provide a review for the Food and Wine Festival? Wife and I are going in two weeks, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

  2. hpandaw Says:

    No plans to review it fully, no. We did walk around the first week it was in place. But we were just killing time until the BdO started up, so were not eating. Offerings looked pretty similar to last year, with the notable replacement of Oklahoma with Louisiana. I think we both agreed that it seemd to have the most enticing food. And we miss the honey station from a few years back.

    We are planning another visit in a few weeks when some guests come to town. Unofrtunately that’ll be right around the time you’re visiting, so we’d be out of time to give you any heads up.

    Friends have said that the crowds are at typical volume. We can find out more, if you have any specific questions. Also, check the Orlando Sentinal for some (biased) reviews.

    Also, you can find a pretty active (and comprehensive) thread on CHowhound, here:

  3. oregoncoastgirl Says:

    Thanks for the good, clear pictures of the food. Just wanted to see what this was all about.

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