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Raglan Road, September 20, 2007 November 8, 2007

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We had reservations for a 6:30 dinner here, with my sister-in-law and her friend, so this time we were a party of 4.  Of the four of us, my sister-in-law and her friend both ate meat, while my husband and I are still pescatarians!  When we got to the restaurant, we were seated promptly.  I asked to be seated in a quieter room, since we weren’t interested in loud entertainment or louder drunks, and they accommodated us by seating us in one of the side rooms.

SmokeyCityMy husband and I began with our old favorite, the Smokie City.  For those not in the know about this appetizer, it’s described as “Oven-baked layers of smoked pollock with mature Wexford cheddar and double cream, served with crusty bread.”  At $11.95 for a two-person appetizer, it’s not a great bargain, but is Disney-reasonable.  When my parents-in-law first suggested this appetizer to us, we were iffy on the whole concept of fish mixed with cheese and cream.  But it is really, really good!  The smokiness of the fish is a great foil for the milder potatoes, tomatoes, and cream, while the melted cheese is great with this dish.  We are both big fans of it, and we order this appetizer every time we go to this restaurant.

My sister-in-law ordered the Dalkey Duo, which turned out to be pigs in blankets on forks.  They’d really been excited about this one, but said that the taste was disappointing.

Husband’s entree was the standard fish and chips, with a request to “overcook” the chips. They typically come out of the kitchen in the British-style, which is softer than we Yanks prefer. We were tipped off to this on a previous visit so didn’t make the same mistake twice. The fish was not greasy, but had a slightly off-taste. Wasn’t fishy or bleachy, but a distinct chemical that wasn’t cut by adding lemon. FishChips

I was debating between the Scallop Forest, which I’d had before, and the Goats Town, which I’d not yet tried for my entree (I find two appetizers are more than sufficient for me).  I asked our server which he recommended, and he was strongly against the scallops.  Hmmm…  He was so vehement that I didn’t question whether it was a matter of quality that night, or a matter of personal preference.  Regardless, I went with his suggestion and ordered the Goats Town.  This was described on the menu as “Irish goats cheese terrine made with sauteed garlic, shallots, shiitake mushrooms,” so I was expecting more of a terrine.  Instead, I got a round piece of goat cheese.  It was good, mild, but still goaty enough for me, but just not what I expected.  I didn’t care to eat a huge amount of plain goat cheese for dinner, so I quit about halfway through.

My sister-in-law had the Pie in the Sky, a chicken and wild mushroom pie, served with rocket, though not, in her case – she has something against rocket, apparently.  The server was more than willing to substitute.  She enjoyed this, but didn’t seem to be wowed by it.ChickenPotPie

My sister-in-law’s friend had the Serious Sirloin Steak, served medium well.  Aaack!  But she enjoyed it that way, and actually said it was the best steak she’d had in a long time.Steak

For dessert, my husband and I split the Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding, about which I’d read so much. BreadPudding It was exactly like eating warm, spongy butter.  This was the most buttery-tasting dish I think I’ve ever tried, with the exception of an actual stick of butter.  It was warm, moist, buttery, and essentially delicious, though it was so rich that we only ate about a third of it.  My sister-in-law and friend had recently been to ‘Ohana and had the bread pudding there, and they said this bread pudding was very similar.  My sister-in-law, to be different, got the Dunbrody Kiss, which was a chocolate dessert.  DunbrodyKissShe seemed to enjoy it except for the rice krispies inside, but I was glad that we got the bread pudding, since it was really an outstanding version of bread pudding.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Raglan Road very much.  My sister-in-law reported that it was their best dinner on their trip to WDW.  We always find the food to be exceptional, better than that of most of the Disney-owned restaurants, and, as locals, we appreciate the availability of reservations at Raglan Road!