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Sunshine Seasons Food Fair, August 5 & 7 August 13, 2007

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We visited this counter service restaurant twice, only getting a soup on our first trip.  The reason for this was that we’d eaten lunch earlier that day at the Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe, and then we went off to do the Aqua Tour.  All the swimming left me hungry after a relatively light lunch, so I suggested that we stop by the Sunshine Seasons for a quick snack.  Hence not one, but two days of reviews rolled together.

Our first meal consisted of a bowl of creamy tomato soup and the accompanying giganto cracker.  It pretty much tasted like creamy tomato soup with an immensely large cracker.  The soup was about mid-range creamy, not rich and luscious, but definitely not pure tomato juice.  This dish was a great comfort food, and I think they should offer it during the winter time for guests facing down the blizzards of Central Florida.

One of the reasons why we like this place is that it has a variety of stations, so there’s pretty much something for everyone.  There is a salad bar, for those attempting to stay on a diet while at Disney World (good luck with that).  There is an Asian bar, which I never try, since it seems to consist mostly of meat offerings.  There is a sandwich bar, a dessert bar, and, finally, there is my favorite bar: the warm foods bar.  At this bar, you can choose from salmon or chicken, and you get to pick two vegetable sides.

I chose the salmon with mashed potatoes and carrots as my sides.  Since Tusker House has fallen victim to the notorious Disney Dining Plan, the salmon here at Sunshine Seasons has become my favorite counter-service salmon.  It’s got flavorful char marks on it, and it served warm with a cold kalamata olive sauce.  The mashed potatoes were also pretty good.  They weren’t extremely creamy, but they weren’t dry at all.  There were big pieces of red potato skin in this item.

My husband’s sandwich was a Turkey and Muenster sandwich, which was far too dry.  It needed more chipotle mayonnaise to make it palatable.  The turkey and cheese here were just standard, grocery store deli counter fare, and the chipotle mayonnaise was nice, but  they’d skimped on this necessary ingredient.

Overall, we would return, though my husband would probably order something different.  I continue to order the same salmon dish every time we eat here, because it is decent quality counter service food.  My only complaint is that they don’t accept the Disney Dining Experience discount here.


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  1. You need to try the goat cheese and beet salad here – it is my favorite dish at this restaurant!

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