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Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe, August 5, 2007 August 13, 2007

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This was just a quick counter service meal for us, so we decided to split the Daily Chef’s Selection, which came with an open-faced ham sandwich, a cup of Jarlsberg and Leek soup, and a Veiled Maiden.

Since we were on vacation, my husband was eating meat, though I was remaining a pescatarian, so he took the ham sandwich.  He said that this was okay, but nothing great.  The ham was just deli counter ham that we could purchase at any grocery store.  It also didn’t have mayonnaise on the sandwich, so he had to add this.

I was expecting the Jarlsberg and Leek soup to be creamy, but it wasn’t.  If anything, it was quite watery, and it badly needed salt.  Fortunately, they had little salt packets at the condiment table, so I was able to amend this need.

Our dessert was a Veiled Maiden, which turned out to be sweet baked apples layered in between whipped cream.  It was okay, but, again, was quite bland.  Since I just had the bland soup and the bland dessert, my general impression was one of excrutiating mediocrity.  An ingredient with a more interesting texture would have added to this dish, raising it from a mushy mediocrity to something even faintly memorable.  Oh, well…

We probably would not return here for lunch, since there are other, better counter service choices available in the Epcot park.  Our general consensus was, “Eh.”


One Response to “Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe, August 5, 2007”

  1. Too bad. This is one of my favorite counter service restaurants at Epcot. I used to like going to Askershus but that has become a Princess Dining restaurant now. I like the salmon sandwich which comes with smoked salmon (gravlax) and scrambled eggs. I also like the Rice Cream which is a Norwegian version of rice pudding. If you like rice pudding, you will love this. It comes with strawberries in a heavy syrupy sauce on top (not my favorite part).

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