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Two Restaurants That Disappoint July 6, 2007

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In the past two days, I have had as many disappointing experiences.  The first was at Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant yesterday, July 5.  We’ve been to this restaurant, located under the Citrus Tower, several times, and have always been fine with the food there.  Yesterday, however, my dining companion noticed a small roach (approximately 1/2 inch long) running around the table.  After chasing it a bit, she managed to kill it.  That ended my enjoyment of the dinner, and I pushed away my plate.  I kept drinking, though, until I noticed that, crushed on the inside of my glass, was a small bug.  Not a roach, but still…  Ugh….  Needless to say, we won’t be eating here any time soon.

We went to CiCi’s Pizza on 192 today, and it had the typical cleanliness standards of every other restaurant we’ve ever been to on 192: lacking.  I’d heard some Disney employees mention that they ate here, so I figured it might be okay.  Wrong.  There were dried bits of food on our plates and trays, as well as lots of children running around, chewing with their mouths open, talking with bits of food coming out, and putting their hands over the stacks of “clean” glasses.  Yech…

We didn’t expect much from CiCi’s, but we’re disappointed in Santiago’s, which we had enjoyed.  We had a similar experience at the Mexican Restaurant Ay Jalisco in Clermont, when we noticed mouse droppings along the window sill there.  I don’t like roaches and mice frequenting the place at which we dine.  I wish that all restaurants here in Florida were required to post their sanitation scores, as they are in the rest of the civilized world.


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