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Belle Vue Lounge Breakfast, June 17, 2007 June 24, 2007

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I don’t think many people know about this place for breakfast, because, if they did, they wouldn’t all be lining up like suckers at the Boardwalk Bakery. Boardwalk Bakery in the a.m. = line out the door. Belle Vue Lounge in the a.m. = no lines.

The way this works is you approach the counter, upon which a variety of pastries and breads are spread. You choose the one(s) you want (these are all very, very large, though: about the size of a small child’s head). You then tell the server behind the counter what you’d like to drink: coffee, tea, juice, milk, etc. You pay the man/woman, and you are done. Nothing left to do but find a comfortable chair in which to enjoy your pastry in peace.

On our visit, we each got a different pastry. My husband ordered a cinnamon roll:

As good as it looks, he would not recommend this to fellow diners. The cinnamon roll itself was hollow, which was disappointing. It was also undercooked on the inside, so that it was chewy and doughy.

My selection, on the other hand, was a cheese danish:

This was not just any cheese danish however; it was a prince among danishes. Kind of like Hamlet. The pastry was nicely done: light and soft. The icing was deliciously sweet, with a faintly lemony taste. The cream cheese filling, though, was the star. It was soft, smooth, and creamy, without being too heavy, and without having that grainy, ricotta-like taste that some danish fillings have. I’ve had danishes where I ate the dry pastry reluctantly, waiting to get to the sweet center, but this was not like that. I enjoyed this entire pastry very much.

For two pastries and two juices, with a Disney Dining Experience discount, we paid around $9-10. This is unreasonable pretty much anywhere in the world except for at Disney World, but at Disney World, $5/person for breakfast is an amazing feat. We would highly recommend this place for those looking to relax in a cool, quiet, comfortable lounge for breakfast, while avoiding the long lines at the bakery below.


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