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Tusker House January 15, 2007 June 9, 2007

Filed under: Disney Restaurants — hpandaw @ 8:34 pm

We got to Tusker House around 11:15 for lunch. Located in the Animal Kingdom park, Tusker House is my favorite counter service restaurant, and I wanted to eat here before its impending destruction. That salmon is top-notch counter service quality food.

My husband ordered the chicken sandwich & fries that he always gets, but he did not take a picture of it. I ordered my traditional salmon, but decided to change things up a bit by substituting fries for the rice. The salmon was much smaller than it usually is, and it only had a few tiny tomato pieces on top, instead of the usual quantity. But that’s the way the counter service cookie crumbles: there’s not much attention to the individual platters, so the quality & quantity can vary widely from trip to trip. I enjoyed it anyway, and the fries were a nice, greasy replacement for the rice

Having eaten at Tusker House several times now since January, and having spoken with several upper-level cast members, I can now with confidence say that the very small portion of salmon was not an aberration on that day, but, rather, was part of systematic cutbacks at Disney, due to that marvel of marvels: the Disney Dining Plan. We have it to thank for the dramatic reduction in food quality, menu diversity, portion sizes, and unique dining experiences like Tusker House, soon to be transmogrified through Dining Plan alchemy into a tot-lovin’, fat-building, germ-friendly character buffet.


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