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Tempura Kiku, August 2006 June 9, 2007

Filed under: Disney Restaurants — hpandaw @ 7:58 pm

Tempura Kiku is a table service restaurant, located inside the Epcot park.  We enjoy the sushi here, so we each ordered the $9.99 sushi sampler. This consisted of 3 pieces of tuna roll, a piece of tuna nigiri, a piece of yellowtail nigiri, and a piece of shrimp nigiri. I ordered a California roll to supplement my platter, and My husband ordered a yellowtail roll. The sushi here was delicious, as always, very fresh tasting & tender.

My husband disliked my California roll, because instead of pure crabmeat, they’d used a crab paste as a filler. I would have preferred pure crabmeat, but I still thought it tasted fine. We were both disappointed in the changes to the menu here. We used to go and each order the deluxe sushi sampler, a large plate of many different kinds of sushi. This new, smaller offering didn’t give the same diversity, and we were sorry to see this change. Chalk up another victim of the Disney Dining Plan.


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