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Rose & Crown Dining Room January 15, 2007 June 9, 2007

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For dinner on this evening we went to Rose & Crown, a table service restaurant located in Epcot, but we did not take pictures. We were kind of fooded-out by this point, and I was so disgusted with the past 2 dinners that I didn’t want to give much more of my money to WDW. We got a nice seat on the patio, though it was early, so we weren’t there for Illuminations. I’m going to shock everyone by telling you that neither of us is a big Illuminations fans. We’re Wishes backers

Anyway, we started out with the fruit & cheese platter. This was disappointing on many levels. The fruit was nice: very fresh, and the crisp apple slices & strawberry slices were delicious. The cheeses were the reason for my disappointment, though. We are huge cheese fans, and gobbled down the Yachtsman Steakhouse platter with evident satisfaction. This platter was almost a joke. The waitress pointed at a hard, cold biscuit, and said, “This is cheddar.” Um, no, it’s actually a BISCUIT. Possibly a cheddar-flavored biscuit, but it was so hard and cold that it was difficult to taste anything but the mealiness of the crumbs.

The Sage Derby was fine, as was the 5 Counties cheese. Our favorite was the Stilton. It was served warm, inside puff pastry, but there was only a little dab of cheese in the middle of the pastry triangle. We liked this cheese, so wished there had been more. We both felt like they were trying to give us lots of bread “fillers” rather than actual cheese.

We then moved on to soups for our entrees. My DH had the lamb & barley soup, which he reported was as creamy & delicious as always. I had the potato leek soup, which was also creamy and delicious. It was a tad too salty, but was still very good.

For dessert, we had the Sticky Toffee pudding. This was fine, but was a bit dry and lacking in flavor.  Overall, we really enjoyed the soups here, but we would not order dessert or the cheese plate again.


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