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Hollywood Brown Derby August 2006 June 9, 2007

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We had 11:30 am reservations at Brown Derby, a table service restaurant located inside Disney MGM Studios. We got there just as the restaurant was opening, so we were one of only a few tables seated then.

We both started out with the lobster bisque. This was good, but not as creamy as we’d have preferred. For some reason, I order this dish year after year, mistakenly thinking that it’s in the Flying Fish bisque style, when in actuality it is much thinner & less creamy. It did have nice chunks of seafood in it, though, which was good. We unfortunately forgot to take a picture of this.

I forgot my 2 appetizer policy, and ordered an entrée here, the Thai noodle bowl with coconut crusted tofu. This was truly, deeply disgusting. I did not like the strong sweetness of this entrée, and the spices were not sitting well with me. They began burning, not my mouth, but my stomach, so I only ate a few bites of this dish. I had read good reviews of this particular dish, but it was not my style at all.

My husband had the Cobb salad, which was good, as always, though he said that it wasn’t as good as the Cobb salad that I make at home. He remarked that this wasn’t as good as he remembered it being. Generally, we were disappointed with our choices here.

The service here was abysmal. Our server only had two tables, ours and one other, and the wait times were incredible. My poor husband finished his glass of Coke and had to wait a full 15 minutes for a refill. The server would come by, look at his empty glass, and say, “I’ll bring you out another one.” He’d then leave, come back a few minutes later (without the Coke), look at my husband’s empty glass, and say again, “I’ll bring you out another one.” This happened three times – server coming back empty handed & remarking on DH’s need for a Coke – before he finally got his act together and brought out the drink. He was friendly & personable, but he wouldn’t do his job.

He did, however, bring us out a complimentary dessert at the end of the meal. It was a chocolate mousse, and was quite good – creamy but light. We were very appreciative to have received this dessert, though honestly we’d have preferred just to have the Coke refilled in a timely fashion!


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