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Citricos August 2006 June 9, 2007

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Citricos is a table service restaurant, with a business casual dress code, located inside Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, one of the Magic Kingdom resort.  I like to eat frequently, but I eat smaller amounts at a time, so I ordered two appetizers instead of an app and an entrée. My first appetizer was the gateau of crab, which was a lovely dish. Very creamy, cheesy, and a bit eggy. The gateau was almost like a quiche, except that it was even cheesier and had these gorgeous lumps of crabmeat. I relished every bite.

My husband’s appetizer was the meat and cheese platter. There were 3 different meats: a chorizo and two ham-type things. He had two cheeses, a Maytag blue and sheep’s milk cheese. The platter also included mushrooms, olives, and roasted peppers. The mushrooms were quite good with his wine, a LaFond Syrah.

His entrée was the oak grilled filet of beef with mashed potatoes. My husband ordered his filet rare, of course, and, while it was rare, the meat itself was quite tough. Perhaps it was a poor cut of meat, but he had to really saw at it, in order to cut this meat. Usually a rare filet cuts like butter, but this was not the case. As a result of the filet’s toughness, he thought this was an okay entrée, but nothing spectacular.

His wine with this meal was a Bodegas Valdeaguila Vina Salamanca. This wine was a big surprise, because it was so light, fruity, and drinkable. Our server had recommended this particular wine to pair with his entrée, and, though the wine was so light, My husband said that it did indeed stand up to the filet.

My next appetizer was the warm goat cheese salad. This was very unpleasant, and I couldn’t eat more than a few bites. I love warm goat cheese, but the cheese itself was not very warm, so instead of being soft, it had more of a crumbly texture. The goat cheese had a tanginess, which I love, but when paired with the greens, it was unbearable. The dressing of the greens was so tart and acidic that I couldn’t stand to eat it. This was a poor choice, and I wish that I had instead tried the onion tart.

While we were eating our main courses, the manager Manuel came out to greet us. He had come a few times before, just to stop by while we were eating, but this time he said that he noticed I hadn’t been drinking wine that evening, and he wondered why. I told him that I had just had two glasses upstairs at the Grand Floridan concierge lounge (!) and so had wanted to take a break. He was asking, because he said that he would like to offer us each a glass of Moscato d’Asti, which we very appreciatively agreed to.

Manuel lingered for a bit, and we had a conversation about various things, such as construction in Florida (we are building a house in Clermont), schools in the area, working for Disney, etc. We really appreciated the fact that he took some time out of his busy evening to speak with us. It is this level of service that keeps us returning to Disney year after year.

Manuel brought out our glasses of wine, and my husband ordered the seasonal berry gratin with champagne & Grand Marnier sabayon. This was delicious and light, and he enjoyed it as much as he ever enjoys desserts. He much prefers savoury foods to sweets.

I had a tropical fruit crème brulee, which was also delicious. It was light, fruity, and creamy, and the crispy top wasn’t overdone at all. It had just the faintest tang, almost like a key lime pie, which kept this dish from being insipid. I was a bit too full to enjoy this as much as I would have liked to, but it was very, very good.


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