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About this blog and its authors June 9, 2007

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We recently began this blog and, as former vacationers to Walt Disney World and now current residents of Orlando, we wanted to include some of our more recent dining experiences at Disney restaurants.  Because of this, we have pasted in dining reviews that we wrote from August 2006 to the present, and so many of these reviews are out of order.

In an attempt to bring some sort of order to this blog, we have categorized the restaurants by location in the categories to the right side of the page as you view the blog.  If you are interested in our reviews of New York restaurants, simply click on this category to see the relevant reviews.  If you are interested in Disney, click on “Disney Restaurants.”  We are also going to be reviewing restaurants in various regions of Orlando, so you will see these areas indicated as categories.  We will not be grouping by cuisine, as we think that would confuse the issue.  Readers traveling to Orlando do not care about our review of a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

Further complicating this review page is the dining preference of myself and my husband.  For the record, I am consistently a pescatarian.  I will eat seafood and animal products like milk, eggs, cheese, etc.  However, I will not eat anything derived from animal meats, like chicken stock, gelatin, or a big, juicy filet.  My husband shares these exact dietary preferences with one exception: when we are on vacation, he will eat meat.  In order for the trip to be considered a vacation, we must be spending the night at a hotel.  Hence, you will read some reviews of Disney restaurants where we went out for dinner, then came back home.  In those cases, we are both pescatarians.  If we’re staying on Disney property for the weekend, though, all bets are off, as far as my husband is concerned.  Bring on the veal and foie gras!

We are happily child-free, so we review restaurants with our own demographic in mind. A good dining experience for us is one in which no infants or toddlers have a meltdown while in our vicinity.  Admittedly, this is sometimes difficult to find, living as we do in the land of the mouse.  Our current home base is about a 10-15 minute drive from the Disney parks, so for us to get out to other areas of Orlando can be a major endeavor.

We hope that this clarifies things a bit for our readers.


3 Responses to “About this blog and its authors”

  1. Krissy Says:

    Just curious – for the husband – what is the reason for being pescaterian at home, and a meat eater on vacation, and only when that includes an overnight at a hotel?

  2. hpandaw Says:

    That is an extremely fair and valid question. I’d actually been saving the answer for an entire post, and I think I’ll still do that, now that you’ve given me more reason to do so.

    The short answer is that what kinds of foods I eat on are driven based upon three things:
    Convenience/Cost (I know that’s two, but they are heavily connected)

    Daily, these three factors align to make eating land-animals a non-issue. But from time to time there are occassions when my mind isn’t so made up. It’s contrary and paradoxical and hypocritical all at the same time, but that’s me and that’s how I roll.

    That probably doesn’t answer your question. So I’ll dig a bit deeper in an actual post. Of course that won’t really answer your questions either, I’m afraid….

    Fair ’nuff?

  3. Krissy Says:

    I think I understand. It is not a cut and dry answer.

    I was wondering if you try to avoid meat, but enjoy it only on “special” occasions. I am always curious when people delete a certain food from their diets.

    For instance, I have not consumed any pork products for the past 15 years. The reason? While in college in Lancaster County, PA, my apartment abutted an alley. On the other side of the alley, was a meat market, where they herded in the pigs (hogs?) on Wednesday. I could hear them snorting and cavorting for 48 hours, and then on Friday, I could hear the slaughter for the fresh weekend bacon, sausage, etc.

    That turned me off pork for life. People ask me how I can still eat chicken, given the way they are slaughtered – simply, I did not personally experience a chicken slaughter house as I did a pig slaughter house. I am sure if I had first hand chicke slaughter experience, I may think twice before ever consuming chicken again.

    I grew up in the fishing industry, and it is part of my life. I never felt eating fish was an ethical dilema, but I am sure from other perspectives, it can be argued.

    Thank you for your frank response. I look forward to your expanded post.

    BTW, I found your site from the DIS boards, and enjoyed your reviews.

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